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ForzaRC 2018 Series 2

Tournament Operations Update


With Series 1 now finished, we’re eagerly looking forward to all the excitement to come when Series 2 begins on July 9th. In preparation for start of the series we’re making some changes to the ForzaRC 2018 rules and tournament structure based on some of the learnings and feedback we received throughout Series 1.


Series 2 Playoffs & Leaderboard Structure

Coming out of the Series 1 Playoffs we know there’s been some discussion around whether invitations to the Series 2 Playoffs would be based on the culmination of points between the 2 Series, effectively preventing drivers just joining us in Series 2 from being able to compete in the Playoffs. Fret no more! We’re excited to confirm that the invitations for the Series 2 Playoffs will be based solely on those points earned during the series. This means that all drivers will start fresh, putting new drivers on the same playing field as those who competed in Series 1.

In support of this we will also be adjusting how the leaderboards work, shifting from a single, “Global” leaderboard to “Series 1”, “Series 2”, and “Season” (the combined total of Series 1 and Series 2) leaderboards. As such invitations to the Series 2 Playoffs will be based upon the points earned in Series 2, regardless of those earned in Series 1. This change will ensure that those drivers joining the competition in Series 2 will still have the opportunity to earn an invitation to the Series 2 Playoffs. There will be no changes regarding invitations for the Forza Racing World Championship, these will still be based upon the total points a driver has earned throughout the season as reflected in the new “Season” leaderboard.


Qualifying Rivals Duration & Leaderboards

In Series 1, the Qualifying Rivals events were open for 72 hours, running from Monday through Wednesday. In Series 2 we will reduce the window for these events to 48 hours, Monday & Tuesday, with competition beginning at midnight UTC (5pm Pacific on Sunday) and closing at 11:59pm UTC Tuesday. In addition to this we know some drivers have asked to have the leaderboard results for these events posted after the fact, in order to review their standing in preparation for that weekend’s races. As such we will now be posting the top 1,000 leaderboard positions as an article under the “News” section on ForzaRC.com, allowing the top 1000 drivers interested to review their standing in advance of the Saturday Ghost races and Sunday Heats.


Changing Gamertags

During Series 1 we saw some drivers change their gamertags midway. Whilst we know sometimes it’s necessary to update your gamertag, it’s important you don’t do this during an active series. The gamertag you use to set your rivals position must be the gamertag you enter the races with on the weekend if you make it to the top of your region.

Players who change their gamertags during Series 2 may find that they aren’t able to participate in some racing and they miss out on some of their points.

Prior to the Playoffs and World Finals, we’ll be reaching out to drivers directly to confirm details, so you’ll have a chance to update any team names if you need before attending the live events. That said, we are considering a move to only use the key name of a gamertag and omitting the team reference to ensure a great viewing experience, much the way other esports genres manage gamertags.


Driver Travel & Expenses for Playoffs

We've also heard feedback and had discussions with Series 1 participants about the cost of travel and expenses for drivers who receive invitations to live events. This has been a challenging scenario to balance. We have decided to reduce the number of invitations to the top 36 drivers, delivering the same T&E support we gave in Series 1 to the top 24 drivers to all the invited drivers in Series 2. The remaining 14 drivers (rounding out the top 50) will receive a $200 USD reward for having made it into the top 50.

Please note that we will backfill invitations until the top 36 spots are filled. That means if driver #14 could not attend, driver #37 will be invited to participate. All RSVP deadlines will apply. Drivers with a chance at landing in the top 50 will receive a more detailed communication later in the series.

Make sure to re-read all the rules in the Handbook tab as there has been a few changes to accommodate these updates.

Questions? Give us a shout at forza@gfinity.net and follow us on Twitter for all the latest updates.

See you on the track!